And Down in the Valley, They Found Her Body

by Dinitrios

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Vladimir Poutine
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Vladimir Poutine Really impressive black metal from my home state of Maine. Don't particularly care for the vocals, but the composition and instrumentation are top notch- atmospheric, contemplative, with heavy influences from prog and post-metal. Favorite track: Forgotten.
Sunder MK2
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Sunder MK2 This is no mere metal album. The fact a single man could produce this stuns me.
Here you will find a tale, told with anger, hopelessness and in the end peace.
I owe this man a nights bar tab. Favorite track: Free.
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released January 3, 2011



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Dinitrios Maine

It's toe-tappingly tragic.

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Track Name: Lifeless
Unspoken You Stand
Hidden in Depths of Mind
Shown in Reality
Manifested in Yearning

Forbidden Fruit
Acquired from Within
Broken Earth
Made from Flesh and Bone

You are Seen
Not as Carnality
As Unrequited
Fallen to Deaths Hand

Sirens Call to Weak
Crash my Ship upon Your Shore
Disaster of Mankind:
To Live a Life without Regrets

False Wisdom Spoken
Through Violent Lips
Sputtered through Blood

Lifeless Reassurance Flows
Reminded of All that was Once Good

All But

Dead Feelings Risen to Anger
Falling through Decay

Tormented in a Sea of Consciousness
Aware of the Ignorance

This is Not Who I am
This is Not Who We Are

Time is Failing
Falling Through
Head to the Home
A Safe-Haven may still Live
Track Name: Forgotten
This Windowless Cell
An Unceasing Pressure of a Fiction-Less Life
A Servitude in Vein
Staggered Years of Wasted Breath


Your Eyes Speak Light
Brighter Still than Gleaming Truth
Lustrous Words of Thought
Calling Forth the Storm that Was

Skies Breaking with Euphemistic Sound
Stopping all that Stood Before

Echoes of Light Call to Earth
Filling her with Deadly Gleam
Follow her Down

Approaching Skies of Total Darkness
Horizons Disappear in an Ocean of Sound and Gloom
Torilea Will Come
Darkened Seraph
One Grail
End All

Floods are Ripping Through;
Sand and Concrete Fall into Sea

Winds of Storm Pushing into Eternal Chill
Earth Crumbles into Itself
The Thunder Louder until it was Deafening

All Fell Quiet
Life Ceases and Decays
All is Gone.